4 Andalusian horses need to find homes


the owner is willing to give them away to good homes


26 year old stallion, Leonardo. His front pasturns are going, I guess you would say.  They don't bother him as he was romping like a kid on Wednesday.  His sperm count was great two years ago the last time I had it tested.  He could probably be used for breeding if one didn't overdo it but not for riding any more.  He is a great guy with top blood lines.  I would prefer to not have to put him down but find him a home where he can live out his last days, months or years.  He does have bad teeth and requires feedings of soaked beet pulp, orchard grass pellets and grain three times a day. He is actually an easy keep and in good weight. He has been run with a mare in the past. 




23 year old mare, Ddafra, who has never been broke to ride.  She is totally sound and has never had a sick day in her life.  I have had her since birth.  I wouldn't breed her anymore as she has melanomas.  I used her as a brood mare.  This mare may have a home in Alberta.  Still up in the air.



18 year old gelding, Calypso, (turns 18 in August).  16.2 very big in all ways.   He thinks he is a lap dog.  He is a total love.   He was professionally trained years ago but not ridden in years (7 is my guess).  He does not do well in a boarding situation.  He likes to have other horses to go out with and doesn't like being boarded or away from a buddy.  He needs another horse to bond with.  He is sound and very healthy.



17 year old 3/4 quarter gelding ( Naidy) who has never been broke.  He will be 17 on July 13, 2011.  We just never got around to training him.  I must tell you he sometimes doesn't like certain people while he likes others.  He has never been sick in his life.  He is totally sound. 1/4 thoroughbred.  My web site puts him at 15 but he is closer to 15.2. He and Calypso are best buddies.



All horses are friendly not spooky.   They like other animals.  All stand for farrier, lead are very easy to handle.  Good ground manners.  Do trailer.  Can once in a while take a bit for some of them to load. 

The horses are located in Washington USA

Please contact their despreate owner at:


(360) 398-9529 or loisbax@hotmail.com